Pheromone Cologne That Gets You Laid [UPDATED]

In this article, I explain how using a high-quality pheromone cologne can help you get laid.

The Truth Of The Matter Is, Pheromone Colognes Work

It’s a scientific fact beyond debate. And if you want a boost in your *ahem* “social life” you may just discover that this is the missing element that will bring you better and more success.

Of course, not all of the reviews are positive. But for the most part there’s a few sourpusses out there who didn’t have much luck with the “social life”. However, they did get better and more positive interactions with prospects. To me, regardless of who is screwing up all the other important things in dating, the pheromones work. How else do you explain the more positive interactions?

Speaking of that:

They Can’t Do Everything

Hey, if you’re gonna be less than a gentleman or make rude noises at dinner, pheromones aren’t likely to help you get lucky.  You get the idea  For my next article, we will delve into how to properly evaluate your purchase of pheromones by logging results and by making a blind test experiment to track your results.

Best Pheromone Colognes of 2018

The best pheromone cologne of 2018 is Pherazone due to its high concentration of synthetic pheromones. They are  engineered to increase sexual attraction and confidence amongst men. Learn more about the best pheromone cologne 2017 | The best pheromone colognes will contain the following molecules to increase attraction.


Androstenol can be found in large amounts in sweat produced by women. However, when you take a shower or a bath, you wash away a great majority of all the pheromones you naturally produce. And to make matters worse, when you use deodorants, you block the sweat pores through which the pheromones are secreted. Thus safe to say that as a woman, your power to sexually attract a man is very low right after taking a bath.

The main disadvantage of androstenol is that it takes long to accumulate in the body. It is produced in very small amounts. And it can take up to ten hours to accumulate to an amount that will have a significant effect a man. Make sure you choose a pheromone cologne with a high concentration of androstenol for the best results.


Androstenone pheromone concentrate is a form of synthetically reproduced pheromones related to sexual attraction. In fact, Androstenone was the first human pheromone identified by scientists. You can use Androstenone pheromone concentrate to generate interest in the opposite sex very easily. What’s really neat is that nobody buy you will know you’re using it. Just try a few drops before work and see what happens. It’s likely that you’ll notice increased interest in you, which will give you a feeling of confidence.

And women find confidence more attractive than just about anything. A good pheromone cologne with androstenone is one of the most effective forms of chemical attraction.

Boosting Your Pheromones

Many people think that humans secrete lower levels of pheromones, but that isn’t at all true. They still emit substantial amounts of pheromones. However, these are usually washed away during morning hygiene and grooming, thus they rely more on fragrances in order to be more attractive. Because of this, there are companies who have tried out the use of human pheromones on their own products so that these could be more utilized by both men and women.

Pheromone cologne formulas are becoming more and more popular in the market at present. Unlike regular fragrances such as colognes and perfumes, these formulas don’t carry a heavy scent. They are applied on the skin just like perfumes, and they work by increasing the functions of pheromones present in the body in order to attract the opposite sex. Also, they tend to be safer and cleaner as they are made of natural ingredients and not laboratory-concocted scents.

Human pheromone products have grown to be a great alternative to different individuals. While some use them to increase their charisma, there are those who rely on these products in order to attract more desirable members of the opposite sex for love and romance. Hence, if you are looking for the ultimate love potion, then human pheromone products would be the best solution to try out.

Top Pheromones Review [UPDATED]

The Benefits of Using Pheromone Colognes

Pheromone colognes have been selling light hotcakes during the past few years. This is due to the benefits they contribute to their users. They even work better than that of regular fragrances which use different types of scents from plants and animals. Check out our top pheromone reviews.

But are pheromone colognes?

These colognes are similar to regular colognes ad perfumes. They carry a light, good smell, but it’s not the scent that matters in their formulation. These colognes are specially-mixed with pheromones, which are extracts that serve as natural love potions. Every living thing on earth emits pheromones in order to increase sexual attraction to their partners, and so do humans. In the case of humans however, pheromones are easily washed away by hygiene procedures, such as baths, showers or cleansing.


Pheromone colognes offer a lot of benefits to their users, and among them include:

  • Faster attraction on the opposite sex. Pheromones usually transmit signals to a desired subject, such as a member of the opposite sex. A person wearing pheromone cologne will be able to attract more potential mates. Thus it is recommended to use the fragrance when going to parties or going out on a date.
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem. A lot of people have trouble finding a partner, and this may be because of their lack of self-confidence. If they can’t bring their looks into the right places, they can still be able to seduce their potential partner by using pheromones.
  • Light fragrant smell. Unlike other regular colognes and perfumes, pheromone colognes are light and easy to smell. People who get the scent don’t find the fragrance to heavy or too harsh, thus they would like the idea of smelling you for a longer period of time.
  • Long-lasting effects. While all fragrances lose their essence after a matter of time, the effects of pheromones however last longer than. Even if the scent has gone, the pheromones still take action even after a long day.

Pheromone colognes are found just about everywhere-from malls, department stores, drugstores, as well as across the internet. You may want to give them a try in order to understand their full effects on a first-hand basis, and not just through reviews. When purchasing pheromone products online however, it is best to get them from reputable dealers so you’d get only authentic items.

Pheromone Colognes Help You Attract Women

Pheromones are those chemicals that we cannot see and that we are not conscious of their presence. However, they intensely stimulate our body, especially in terms of attraction. These substances are secreted by the body for “mating” purpose. Therefore, the female attracts the male of the same species by releasing the right pheromones. The same thing happens with males in order to attract females. This can happen to any living creature – people, animals and insects – because all living beings need a partner to reproduce and the way to attract the partner is through the release of pheromones. In the humans case the idea that our bodies are attracting chemically is a bit strange and simultaneously it is not.

There are many ways in which a person can produce pheromones. And many reasons for this to, but before you do this you need to know more about them.

One of the main reasons why you want to release the pheromones is that you can use them to achieve certain goals. For example, if you were able to produce your own pheromones, then you “perfume” with them anytime and the opposite sex would be instantly attracted to the odor.

The effects of pheromones on the opposite sex :

  • Sexual attraction
  • Trust
  • Relaxation
  • Pheromones increase the sexual desire to the opposite sex
  • Contribute in improving your sex life by increasing your sexual acts.
  • Increase attractiveness and charm (the aura) of the person. So, there will also be a growing self-confidence, a better personal image perception.
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