Benefits of PS 1000 Diet


PS1000 is a weight loss diet that uses drop supplements. It is nutritional, and it is scientifically designed to help you get rid of weight in one of the healthiest ways known. It is different from other weight loss plans because it isn’t touted as a magical solution to get rid of weight quickly. It suggested that you live a healthy lifestyle and use the best supplements instead.

It is designed to make sure you are full and satisfied and reduce calories at the same time. The plan accomplishes because it has calorie reducing drops that are created by professionals such as nutritionists and dietitians.

Exactly What are PS1000 Diet Drops?

They are supplements that are nutritious, but they also reduce calorie intake. You must take these during the first part of the plan.

Metabolic Burst Drops

These drops are also used in other types of diet plans. They help you to get over plateaus that are normally experienced during weight loss. They work during the maintenance phase of the plan. They work in the following manner:

  • Limit your food cravings
  • Boost thyroid function
  • Improve stamina
  • Prevent catabolism
  • Make weight loss easier

Energy Burst B-Complex

This is another type of diet drop in the PS1000 weight loss plan. It works to do the following things:

  • Decrease cholesterol level
  • Enhance the cardiovascular system
  • Boost energy level
  • Boost protein metabolism
  • Boost carbohydrate metabolism
  • Boost fat metabolism

Program Guide

The plan comes with a detailed guide that shows you how to move through each of the plan’s three phases. It also tells you how to use the diet drop supplements correctly.

Support System

PS1000 comes with a 360-support system which is comprised of people who help each other during the weight loss process.

3 Phrases of PS1000

It is suggested that you get your body ready for withdrawal symptoms before starting the PS1000 system. Start preparation at least 2 days before using the system. You might experience these symptoms because the plan reduces your intake of carbs and sugars. During this 2-day period, eat a clean and healthier diet. Eat more omega 3 foods. This includes getting rid of all drinks with caffeine and sugar, which also gets your body ready for the liquid supplement in PS1000.

Phase One

This is the rapid weight loss phase, and it lasts for 90 days. During this time, your calorie intake is only 1000 each day. This is when you’ll lose most of your weight and find the program the most beneficial. Basically, you will eat clean food and take the program’s drops each day.

In addition, it is advised that you exercise this phrase in order to lose weight faster. However, don’t overdo it. Remember, you aren’t eating as many calories. This will reduce your energy level. Thus, exercise is a good thing, but it is not required.

Phase Two

During this phase, you will create a new weight set point. This stage lasts for 21 days. This is when you are trying to reach your goal weight. You’ll eat 1500 calories each day during phase two. In addition, you will not take diet drops during this phase. You’ll also be allowed to eat more of your favorite foods. However, if you haven’t reached your goal weight after 21 days, you can move back to phase one or move on to phase three.

Phase Three

During this phase, you are allowed to slowly start adding back sugar and starch into your diet. However, continue to live a healthy lifestyle to experience the most weight loss.

Remember, PS1000 strongly advises you to live a healthy lifestyle. This is hard for many people to do, especially when you have to get rid of all sugars and starches during the first phase. This may be hard for diabetics since they have to have sugar at some point. Thus, the program might not be as effective for them. Learn more at


The best part of this plan is that it contains natural ingredients in its diet drops. It also recommends living a healthy lifestyle, which makes life better overall. PS1000 also shows you how to work hard and gain discipline, which can be used in other aspects of life.

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