An Assessment of Herpes Treatment Options

Herpes is a chronic disease and it is pretty difficult to get completely rid of it but there are certain ways with which you can make herpes essentially ineffective. You should abstain from any sort of sex while you have herpes. Only start with sexual relationships when you have had a proper treatment and are absolutely sure that you do not have the herpes virus.

The treatment for Herpes depends on whether you have herpes for the first time or the second time. It’s easier to treat herpes when it occurs for the second or third time because your body has already dealt with the virus once.

Primary Infection

If you have herpes, then you should go to your nearest sex health clinic or GUM clinic. They will conduct various tests to determine if you have herpes or not. If you do, then you can talk to your doctor about the treatment. The doctors will probably advice you to have some antiviral tablets, such as acyclovir, which you have to take five times a day.

Acyclovir is not very effective but is meant for stopping the herpes virus- HVS. It stops HVS from multiplying to make sure that it does not spread throughout your body. It’s also pretty safe and does not really have any harmful effect on you. It won’t help to clear the virus out of your body but will definitely contain it. If you stop taking the medicine then nothing will happen. You won’t be impacted at all because Acyclovir works really fast to contain the spread of herpes.

The basis course of Acyclovir lasts five days. If your condition is serious and if you had many blisters and sores when you began the treatment then the doctor might even recommend you to take the medicine for a longer period of time.

The main side effects of this medicine are headaches and sickness. If you feel like you are going to be sick, it’s better to not take any more medicine. Also, don’t pair any other medicine with Acyclovir unless your doctor recommends it.

There are many other medicines that can be used to deal with herpes. They are all meant for containing the virus and making it ineffective. None of these medicines can really eradicate the virus from your body.

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Recurrent Outbreaks

If you are having another outbreak of symptoms then you should go to a doctor. Recurrent outbreaks are usually not that severe and pass away after a few weeks. You can use some other treatments instead of using medicines if the pain is not that severe. Make sure that the area where the blisters are forming is clean. Give that part of your body ample of space to make sure that it doesn’t stick to anything else. You can clean the blistered area with the help of plain or salted water. Don’t try to use anything else because it might cause an infection in the blister. Water prevents the blister from being infected and it also helps to heal it quicker. It’ll also help to soothe the burning feeling that you might experience due to the blister.

You can also use ice to soothe the pain. Make sure that the ice is wrapped in a towel or a small plastic bag. Never try to apply ice directly to your skin because it might further infect the area. Ice will ease away the pain and will help the sores to heal even faster.

If you experience any pain while you are passing urine, try to use some sort of petroleum jelly like Vaseline. Apply it directly on the blister or the sore. It will ease the pain and will help in reducing the inflammation.

You should try to dilute your urine as much as possible. For this, you should drink plenty of fluids. It’ll help you to feel better and give you energy as well. You can try to pass urine by standing in the bath or by pouring water on your genitals. This will ease the passing of urine and it won’t hurt as much.

Try to wear loose clothing and do not walk around. Make sure that your blisters do not touch any other surface. The more you irritate your blisters the more time it will take to heal them. If you wear tight clothing then you will definitely experience a lot of pain. Tight clothing will also irritate the blisters, which might become inflamed and will hurt even more.

If the symptoms are even more severe and do not go away by practicing these simple remedies then you should talk to your doctor. He’ll probably recommend some anti-viral medicine and some painkillers so that you can be more comfortable.

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Episodic Treatment

If you have less than six outbreaks of recurring symptoms in a year, then your doctor will probably give you some medicines. The purpose of this is to help you get through the pain of the symptoms. Every time that a recurrent outbreak happens, there is a slight numbness in the body and you will also experience a tingling sensation. The doctor will then recommend you a course of five days of some a.nti— viral medicine. This will help to reduce the severity of the symptoms and you won’t have to deal with a lot of pain. This is known as Episodic Treatment.

Suppressive Treatment

If your symptoms are really serious and are causing you a lot of pain, then you should go to a doctor so that you can have a long—term plan to heal. This kind of treatment is for those people who have had more than six recurring outbreaks in a year. The long—term plan consists of taking anti-viral medicines every day to reduce the effectiveness of the herpes virus.

The name of this treatment is Suppressive Treatment. It mostly aims at suppressing the virus so that the symptoms do not occur again and again. Under this treatment you have to continue taking the medication for a long time to make sure that the virus can be completely suppressed.

Suppressive treatment is helpful if you want to have some sort of sexual experience. If you use a condom and have completely followed the suppressive treatment recommended by your doctor, you’ll probably not pass on the herpes virus to your partner. Suppressive treatment isn’t completely effective. It can only suppress the virus and not destroy it. There is a chance that you still might transmit the HSV virus to your partner. You ca.n talk to your doctor if you really can’t abstain from sex. Your doctor can help you decide whether it’s the right thing to do or not, depending on your situation.

Suppressive treatment only lasts a year. The symptoms slowly became less severe and less frequent after some time. So, you don’t have to continue taking more medication to stop the blisters and sores. If you still have some outbreaks after a year, you can continue to have anti-viral medicines. Just make sure that you discuss the dosage and frequency with your doctor.

Suppressive treatment can be started again if the symptoms do not stop. More

sever actions might have to be taken in order to deal with the virus. The virus can be really strong in some cases depending on the environment and the health of the host body, while it is barely effective in some cases.

Home Remedies

Till now we have only talked about the doctor recommended treatments where you have to use medication to slow down the herpes virus. There are other treatments that are available as well. These treatments or home remedies aren’t really verifiable. They might just work for some and can be utterly ineffective for others. You can use these home remedies if medication isn’t helping you.

Mediviral Review

Remember, these home remedies are not supported by doctors and there is hardly any scientific proof to back the effectiveness of home remedies. But home remedies have proven to be quite effective in some cases. They also use natural substances and hence, are not really dangerous for you.

Home Remedies might even work because of the Placebo effect. It’s basically a way to make the body think that whatever you are using is going to heal the body. This psychological mindset helps the body to treat its own problems. Many home remedies work just on the basis of Placebo.


Echinacea is a type of plant. It is used to treat cold and headaches. It’s really effective against many infections. It’s an herbal remedy that has become really popular. It can be used to treat herpes but there is no scientific research backing this belief. Even if it doesn’t work against herpes, it’s pretty good for your body and helps you to get healthier.

Echinacea can be injected in any way that you want, as pressed juice, through tea or as a tincture.

Baking Soda

You can also try using baking soda if your sores have become too painful.

Applying baking soda to your sores will give you relief and your sores will stop hurting after some time. Baking Soda basically tries to dry out the moist areas. This is why it is able to control oozing from the blisters and hence, is a very effective remedy.

Baking Soda has been used for quite some time now to solve all sorts of medical problems. A doctor won’t recommend it to you but it’s a rather safe option. It will definitely give you a lot of ease if your anti—viral medicines aren’t working.


Lysine is a type of amino acid. It can really help the body in many ways. Lysine can help in controlling the cold sores that occur inside and outside your mouth. It’s the perfect solution because Lysine blocks arginine. Arginine helps in the replication of the herpes virus. It makes it easier for the symptoms of herpes to appear and helps in spreading the sore.

If you continue using Lysine while you have herpes then you’ll definitely have fewer blisters around your mouth.

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A substance known as tannins can be found in tea. Tannins is known to reduce outbreaks to a minimal level so that they are not that annoying anymore. Heat some water and steep the teabag in it. Take the teabag out and then cool it by using cold water. Make sure that it is not warm at all when you try to use it. Then, remove all the moisture from the teabag. This is essential because anything moist will help the blisters to increase at an exponential rate. Simply apply the teabag on the blister or the sore. Keep it there for a few minutes so that the blister can soak the tannins. Throw the teabag away and don’t use it again. Also, make sure that you completely dry the blister with the help of a towel or even a hair dryer.

Aloe Vera

The lesions that occur due to herpes can be controlled with the help of Aloe Vera. It has proven to be especially effective for men. You just have to apply the cream to the lesion and then dry it off properly. Leave it there for some time before removing it.

There have been many clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of Aloe Vera and most of them have been successful. Aloe Vera contains many powerful substances that are effective against the lesions. There are many doctors who even recommend Aloe Vera. There is certainly no harm in trying because Aloe Vera is anyway very good for your skin. Almost all the patients who used Aloe Vera said that it made a difference in the symptoms that they witnessed over the next few years.

Hence, home remedies can be equally effective as medicines if they are used correctly and with proper research.

Preventive Techniques

You have to understand that a lot of times outbreaks occur only because of stress and trauma. If your physical and mental health is impacted then the herpes virus will be easily triggered. The symptoms of herpes are not only related to the herpes virus but your overall health as well.

If you take care of yourself, physically as well as emotionally you will see a change in your symptoms. Emotional trauma can be really hard to deal with, especially when you have an STD. This triggers the herpes virus, which leads to more blisters and sores. Keeping calm and seeking professional help is the only way to solve this problem.

You can also participate in stress relief activities. There are a lot of ways to control and bring down your stress. You can try yoga, painting or singing. It‘s essentially anything that calms you down and makes you feel at peace.

Exercise is also very important. Exercise helps to control the stress level and also makes you more productive. It even helps you to stay well and it strengthens your immune system so that it can fight against the herpes virus.

It’s also important to get enough rest. You have to sleep on time and you should never be up later during the night. It can make your symptoms even worse. If you get enough rest, you’ll get sicker less frequently and you’ll also be able to manage your


Herpes is a very serious disease. It can be quite harmful if it is not treated carefully. Many people are not even aware of the fact that they have herpes, so if you see any symptoms that might hint towards herpes, you should get them checked out.

If you can diagnose herpes at an early stage then it can be rendered ineffective with the help of medication. It’s really important to have regular checkups at your nearest sexual health center. There are many people around the world that suffer from herpes and there is nothing wrong with that.

You should also try to abstain from any sort of sexual activity if you have herpes. Try out the preventive treatments first to make sure that you do not have the herpes virus in your system. Controlling the spread of the disease is the only way to completely stop it.

Herpes can definitely be treated. All the treatment options that were mentioned in this article are only useful if you follow them under the guidance of a doctor. Medical attention is the only way to treat herpes.

I hope that you were able to learn a lot from this book. I am sure that anyone who has read this book would have understood everything that there is to be known about herpes.

I also hope that you are able to rid yourself of herpes with the help of this blogand can now go ahead and enjoy your sex life without any worries. Herpes can be dangerous but with the help of medication and protective sex, it can definitely be turned into a useless disease that can’t harm anyone.

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