I used e-cigarettes for about 2 weeks

Electronic_Cigaretts_ecigsI had my last tobacco on 1/8/14. Used e-cigarettes for about 2 weeks, then nicotine lozenges for several months (longer than the 12 weeks the instructions the manufacturers of those suggest). I smoked for 25 years with some short quit periods of a month, two. This seems to be it! Don’t miss it, much.

Occasionally now I get a mild urge, but it passes after 30 seconds. And the smell of burning cigarettes has come to seem really very, very foul recently. Stale cig smoke even worse, yeck. My clothes don’t smell, I don’t have any (new) burns in them, or on furniture, the car, etc. My house doesn’t stink. I don’t have to stand outside in the cold and rain to get my ‘fix.’ My overall sense of smell and taste is waaaaay better than when I smoked, and my lung capacity much greater. Hills that used to make me huff-puff walking up are now easy-peasy.

I am glad I made the effort. I encourage you to also. The e-cigs really helped transition away–inhaling nicotine, though it doesn’t really taste or smell like tobacco, feels very close.  So the change to lozenges wasn’t so abrupt. So, good luck to you, and keep trying!

I quit several years ago – tried many times before the final success. I used Chantix the last time too, and it helped a lot, with no noticeable side effects. Tried Nicorette gum before – it certainly helped with the cravings and made the first few days without the smokes much easier – the problem is that they just provide nicotine in a different way so as soon as I stopped using them I felt the urge to smoke again.

It really depends on one’s desire to quit I believe – you need to hate being a smoker in order to quit. Quitting for a month is doable, the biggest challenge for me is avoiding relapses.

However, that’s another story. Here is the story of how I managed to stop.

First of all, I knew that most attempts end in failure. I was watching TV and the camera’s were in Ethel’s kitchen where she was celebrating her 70th birthday. The commentator said she was lighting her birthday cake candles with the match that had just lit her 750,000th cigarette…

I wondered how many I had smoked and after a few moments on a spreadsheet realised that it was over a million and that I could probably still live long enough to smoke another million. Jeeeesus.

One advantage I had was that my house was full of tar, my motorhome was full of tar, my computer was full of tar. Every pub I went in was full of tar. So I had a pretty good idea that my lungs were full of tar.

I decided that I would stop smoking until noon ‘tomorrow’ (I knew I could force myself to do this as I’d done it before) and then I would ‘have a talk with myself’ and see if I could try and do it one more day. In the back of my mind I reckoned that, if I could make 14 days, I had a chance. And that’s how it happened. And now, I don’t need to talk to myself any more lol.

It wasn’t easy, believe me, but when I look back over the past 9 years I can see it’s given me more benefits than anything else I ever did.

Two weeks pain for all that gain. I hope it can help you too. I would love to know if it does…

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