Top-Rated Penis Extender Devices [UPDATED]

Men have sought to enlarge the length and size of their penis since the early days of antiquity. The historical record shows that men have tried various means of manually enlarging the penis. Those that are looking for the newest methods of enlarging the penis have likely seen online advertisements for penis extenders. At first glance, it would seem these extenders – traction devices actually – are a logical device that can aid in increasing the length and the size of the organ. However, there will also be those skeptics that might not believe these penile extenders are able to deliver on their promises of male enhancement. This include brands such as size genetics and x4 labs.

Penis extenders are not newly developed top-rated penis extender devices. They have been advertised in men’s magazines for several decades. However, the earlier versions of the device were not as well known to the public since the magazines they advertised it were very adult oriented with small audiences. In a way, it is not a bad thing that these earlier versions were now as well known to the public since there were certain safety issues with the original design. Namely, a shoe lace style noose was affixed around the head of the penis. Today, a much safer gel grip is used which will soon be explained further.

The science behind penis extenders is based around the notion of manipulated cellular division. Again, this is really not an obtuse concept as it can be found in the treatment of burn victims of the proextender. Basically, cellular division is intended to purposely grow new skin and tissue to replace what may have been lost due to burning.

With a penis extender, continuous traction is employed on the penis to increase the length and width of the shaft. Also, the continuous tension on the penis will stretch the suspensor ligament which connects the penis to the pubic bone.
When the cells of the penis have been divided, the penis becomes larger. When the suspensor ligament is lengthened or stretched, the inner penis near the pubic bone will become exposed. The result of both of these occurrences would be the increase in length and girth of the penis.

Generally wearing the penis extender for 4 to 8 hours day for six months to a year is commonly suggested. Within six months, it is likely to see an increase in length of a half an inch. There is always the possibility that length increases will continue over time as use of the traction device is continued when using the andro extender or vigrx plus.

Why is the penis extender able to help cause cellular division? Basically, the penis is under a lot of stress when it is stretched out in an extended state. The human body will see such stress as something it wishes not to deal with so cellular division occurs to allow the penis to grow longer. Since the penis grows longer, it will “free itself” of the strain caused by the continuous traction. Once again, this is certainly not something that occurs overnight. The process will take quite some time as the process of cellular division is a slow and gradual one even if you are using one.

There have been studies which covered whether or not venis extenders work. Uurologist Paolo Gontero of San Giovanni Battista Hospital at the University of Turin, Italy performed a study of 15 men and discoverer 1.3 pounds to 2.6 pounds of traction on average saw gains of upwards of one half an inch after a six month period.

Another interesting study occurred in Spain.