Pheromone Cologne That Gets You Laid [UPDATED]

For pheromone cologne newbies who want to avoid staying “in the head” – then “social engagement” is a good tool. Just socialize as much as possible, in a friendly way first with people, it makes your nerve system go into “state”. Only slightly frightened with somewhat confused and excited swimming; often dense crowding together and retreating to the bottom but soon quieting down if nothing further happens; occasionally retreating to the hiding place. For more advanced pheromone cologne users “categorization” could be useful. At first just look at the extremities, for example:

1. a girl can either be superficial or “deep”.
2. a girl can have had a good childhood or a bad childhood.
3. a girl could have good confidence or low self esteem.
4. a girl could look for sex or relationship.

All these four examples gives you information on how to moderate your pheromone behavior accordingly.

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Then, she is showing signs of interest, and you should learn to pick this up/to see it.
What some girls tend to do then is to invest in you by talking to you, showing you things, sharing stories, giving you compliments and trying to impress you.

This is something you want to reward (reward good behavior). She will then most likely continue to invest in you, AND notice that you respond back due to your releaser pheromones. After some time with her investing in you, you can gradually respond physically back. Where one thing often lead to another.. It’ s really this simply. This is the ideal pheromone scenario. (but of cause it does not always happen like this, if the girl is not fascinated/attracted, she is not likely to invest)

With the use of powerful pheromone cologne you can influence the girls mind/emotions to some degree, to be perceived in a better way. This is what is called “game”.
this influence of perception happens often subtle, where thing get picked up between the lines…

There are many cases where you don’t need game, because she likes you and your personality like it is, without the use of you influencing her perception. In those cases trying to alter her perception of you by using game, CAN lead to over qualification/overselling (aka fucking it up).

Pheromone Game

The other thing here is inner game this is about feeling good about your human pheromones, feeling comfortable in your own skin. Its about your thoughts in your head, how do you talk to yourself what filters do you see the world trough. Do you have any emotional triggers?

In the explanation above I said that it is all about pheromone perception, and you want her fascinated/attracted. Well, inner game is what follows you, it is a big part of her perception. And different girls have different perception about you – but you are also doing inner game for yourself, because you want to be happy, you want to feel good, you want to have confidence and be proud of yourself and your natural pheromone production.