Does the 17 Day Diet Work? [UPDATED]

Want to try the 17 day Diet? For a lot of people this works, for some it is a catastrophe. For others, eating 6 small meals per day works, for others this leads to catastrophe.

A strategy needs to fit the person’s lifestyle and environment. IF is great, but if your kids want three times per day food, you can quickly be screwed. (IF is not a great strategy for rearing kids, actually. More a strategy that becomes useful come adolescence).

The best book on this topic I would think “The lean muscle diet” by Aragon and Schuler. It is quite basic in many things, but Aragon’s track record and his dedication to science speak for themselves. That is not to dismiss other strategies though. Whatever keeps you in a deficit with sufficient protein will work.

Starting things fresh from my other 17 Day Diet thread – which I have destroyed (lost 40 or so pounds). Here is where I am now:

approx. 192
around 15% body fat (according to my Omron)
Waist size : sub 33″

Weight loss at this level is getting harder due to stubborn fat etc. so I am trying extreme things: mPSMF by Lyle Macdonald – did for 9.5 days in total – don’t want to continue with it – lost a couple of pounds I think.

So now I am moving to Ultimate Diet 2.0 – which backed up by his research anecdotally verified by some athletes/amateurs etc cutting to low levels it works but is GRUELING

So naturally, this is where I want to shed my stubborn fat – I don’t have much left but it is not uniform and makes me look skinny fat.

Here is the protocol:

Mon, Tues: mPSMF 50% maintenance cal
Wed: mPSMF 50% maintenance cal
ThursAM:mPSMF 75% of 50% of maintenance cal
ThursPM: start of carb refeed – the rest cals
Friday: continue carb – 900g carbs, 180 g protein, 30g fat (around 4700 cals!)
Sat: diet variable, 20% lower cal than maintenance
Sunday: diet variable, 20% lower cal than maintenance

Mon, Tues: high rep, high volume (4-6 sets of 15 reps full body workout 50% 1RM)
wed: cardio
thursAM: cardio
ThursPM: intenisty workout (1-2 sets of 6-12 reps full body 70%1RM)
Friday: nothing
Saturday: power workout (1-2 sets of 3-6 reps, 3-6RM)
Sunday: cardio

It says 16.5% now – after 2 days of low carb etc. but when I was carbing up eating junk during last week, it said 13.9%. I read a study that said it’s 1% OVERestimated.

But I also have the calipers which I am measuring mm on skin fold – also kind of inaccurate, but that was around 15%.

Since my fat isn’t distributed evenly , it’s kind of a pain in the ass to get an accurate measurement.

Day 3:

Did the 2 days of the depletion workout with the low carb / low cal. Pretty gruelling but since I’m used to working out with low carbs, it wasn’t so bad. I can see my top two sets of abs, and certain angles, alot of the striations. Again, my fat distribution is worse than average I think and it all accumulated near the bottom. Learn more about the 17 Day Diet at

Tomorrow should be interesting…AM low carb, then intense workout then PM carb load!
Friday – CARB LOAD!

Also: according to Lyle and others on the 17 Day Diet, this is a gruelign , intense protocol, with Thursday the worst psychologically.

PFFFT , maybe it’s because I have already done the keto thing or because I have been working out intensely, but AINT NO THANG! It’s actually not that bad once I took a few hours to lay the plan down. I could def. continue this for a few weeks to see results.

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