Does Semenax Really Work?

Viagra is a chemical based prescription drug used for the express purpose of erectile dysfunction, while Semenax is an over the counter supplement used to stimulate better orgasms, produce more semen, and provide better control overall. As you can see, while they work in the same field there are some major differences between the two.


Semanax contains a proprietary blend of several natural ingredients including:

  • L-lysine: testosterone booster
  • Zinc: works with L-lysine to boost testosterone
  • Swedish Flower: Strengthens the prostate
  • Epideum Sagittatum: improves blood flow to the penis
  • L-Arginine HCL: Proven to increase semen production
  • Hawthorne: strengthens vessel walls and improves blood flow

All of the ingredients in Semanax are natural which means no side effects, like you will find in prescription medications. Of course, as with any supplement if you are taking regular prescription medications for any other ailment you should consult your physician before using Semanax.

How it Works

The ingredients in Semanax aim to improve the male orgasm, leading to better sex, self confidence and even better control of ejaculations. You see, in order to experience a more powerful ejaculation you need two things; more semen production and better prostate function. As an added bonus this supplement also contains ingredients to increase blood flow which provides for harder erections and longer endurance.

In order to understand the workings of Semanax better, it is helpful to understand how the male orgasm works mechanically. During an orgasm a variety of muscles contract quickly, providing the intensely pleasurable feelings that end once the semen has all been expelled from the body. The muscles involved include:

  • Ejaculatory ducts
  • Rectum
  • Anal Sphincter
  • Pubococcygeus muscle
  • Perineum
  • Muscles around the penis itself

One way to increase the intensity of this muscle movement is to give the body more fluid to move; semen to be precise. As your body creates more semen you become primed for some very mind blowing experiences. Semanax is proven to increase:

  • Prostate gland fluid
  • Seminal Plasma
  • Seminal Vesicle fluid
  • Bulbouretheral Fluid


You may be wondering if added semen is really anything to get excited about. After one improved orgasm your tune will likely change, and you may begin to notice other benefits as well. For starters you will feel more confident in your sexual prowess, thus increasing your libido by default. Of course, this also helps a man walk with a more confident air.

What have others experienced with Semanax? The internet is rife with glowing reviews, but you should also take a look at the research. A full 51% of subjects reported stronger erections and 62% reported an elevated sex drive while using this supplement.

Final Thoughts

Who is an ideal candidate to try Semanax? To be honest, this is a good supplement for any man who simply wants more out of their sexual experiences. Clinical research has shown Semanax does increase semen production by as much as 20% over a short time period, and results in stronger and longer orgasms. You don’t need to be in the adult industry to try Semenax, because the benefits will be apparent to anyone who has an open mind. Semanax is all natural and proven effective, plus the company has a great money back guarantee. Try it for 60 days and if you are not a believer at the end of the trial period, simply return the product for your money back.