Do Pheromones Really Work? – The Shocking Results ….

The word pheromone is a blend of two Greek words: hormone, which means to stimulate and pherein, which means to transfer. Pheromone literally means to transfer stimulation. All living organisms have pheromones. In the animal kingdom, they are what attract animals to one another for mating. Animals do not use external stimuli like humans when ready to mate; there is no need for sexual fantasies and one animal is not more attractive than another because it has shapely curves or defined pectoral muscles. Animals are attracted to other healthy animals based on pheromones. This same phenomena occurs in humans, but is sometimes overruled by other factors.Pheromones are a chemical produced naturally in the body, but it is possible to up your pheromone level using outside sources. People choose to boost their pheromones because studies show the chemicals make you more attractive to the opposite sex. As a matter of fact, many researchers believe the reason people are ever attracted to one another is because of the interaction of pheromones.

Pheromones In Humans

Just like animals, people can use pheromones to communicate with one another. This is why there are such oddly matched couples. How many times have you been envious of the guy sitting at the end of the bar, surrounded by attractive women? That guy is usually not the best looking guy in the room. He might be paunchy, have a receding hairline, or need lifts in his shoes. Yet, every woman in the room wants to be near him. It is the pheromones that are drawing these women to him.

Scientists believe the human vomeronasal organ (VNO) is how the body detects pheromones. It is related to scent because the VNO is located in the nasal cavity, but it is not as cut-and-dry as liking how someone smells. The VNO is linked to the brain and sends signals that dictate how the body should respond. When someone is attracted to another person for no apparent reason, the VNO is likely sending a signal to the person that something is appealing about the object of her desire.

Further biological studies show that humans use the signals from the VNO to select their mates. A study in Sweden showed that both homosexual men and heterosexual women react in the same way when exposed to male odors. Other studies have shown that when women are living in the same environment, pheromones cause their menstrual cycles to coordinate. This is known as the McClintock Effect and can cause a woman to have shorter or longer menstrual cycles, based on other women around her.

So what does all of this mean for the average person? Companies have found ways to isolate certain pheromones and include them in a formula that can be used like perfume or cologne. The purpose of the product is so men have an invisible advantage over one another. Pheromones are mixed into cologne or aftershave, making them undetectable to the conscious sense. However, a woman’s VNO reacts to the underlying scent the man has applied, causing the woman to feel drawn to the man. No matter how the man looks or how much money he has, women want to be near him. The subconscious interaction with the pheromones creates an uncontrollable reaction in women.

Best Practices

If you are thinking about using pheromones, you should experiment with a few different kinds. Wear different options, mix different pheromones together, and observe how women react. You might even way to confide in a female friend and ask her if she notices a difference in how she feels toward you. Wearing pheromones might encourage female friends to feel differently toward you, so it is probably a good idea to let them know so they do not feel get the wrong idea.

It is important for men using pheromones to realize they still need to make an effort. Good hygiene is an essential part of using pheromones successfully. Men need to practice good oral hygiene, shower everyday, and do what they can to look their best and stay healthy. Pheromones will not override other senses completely, so if a man looks dirty or behaves like an ogre, women will still be turned off. Even a small, unconscious part of a woman is drawn in she will override it with more conscious thoughts and feelings. However, pheromones can give the average man a boost. Men using pheromones have an advantage with women without having to do 500 sit-ups everyday or flash wads of money every time they go out.