Curing Your Acne

Below are some dietary tips to rid yourself of acne.

1) Vegetable Oil causes acne to form for me. This is nearly impossible to eliminate entirely, but eliminating things like chips and fried foods is a great place to start.

2) Massively reducing sugar intake helped me, but be careful, I had a blood test and it was determined that I was hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) because I didn’t eat enough sugar. It caused low energy. For me huge was eliminating soda and dessert. I also limited fruit intake (probably not the best idea).

3) Stop drinking alcohol, especially beer. Beer has a kind of sugar thats super easy to digest and I believe alcohol digests in a similar way to sugar or it is a kind of sugar or something like that. Don’t know the sciencey details, but I do know it’s good to eliminate or curtail it.

4) I drank a ton of water with lemon juice in it. (Like I’m talking 1+ gallons a day which is a dangerously high amount that I don’t recommend) Unfortunately the acid in the lemon juice created pits in my teeth and as a result I have a bunch of cavities. However when I used it the skin results were pretty amazing

5) Working out regularly and making sure to stay in a good frame of mind is invaluable.

6) I took 6-12 tablets of spirulina and chorela as well as some tablet forms of barley grass.

With the six above and a mostly green veggie diet that emphasized celery, I was able to almost entirely eliminate moderately bad acne in about a week to ten days and go off medicine while I maintained it.

For me it took a lot of effort and discipline, and I did not maintain it when I wasn’t on summer break from classes. Currently I work out, limit alcohol intake, try to drink mostly water and don’t eat much dessert, and combine it with topical generic retin-A and duac (which contains both benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin). My face is usually nearly entirely clear. Luckily as I get older (I’m almost 23) my acne is slowly but surely FINALLY going away.

I believe I got all of these tips from an ebook I bought called “Mr X says you can cure your Acne” or something along those lines. It was the rare useful info marketing product.

Too many people have tried diet alterations as mentioned above that again and again have worked….but if you just want to suppress the simptoms then use drugs and fuck up even more their gut bacteria.For God sake…more and more MDs specialize these days in functional medicine because they see their colleagues are having more success than using the drug route for chronic diseases….if that doesn’t suggest anything then i don’t know what does, sadly they mostly specialize for monetary purposes and jealousy that their colleagues are more successful,…..but ultimately the patients are the ones benefiting even if the intentions of some mds are not primarily for their patient’s health but their wallet.

Alcohol, sugar and starch was the culprit of my acne. All the skin products made it worse.

Taking care of your diet is the biggest part of this.

Also make sure you’re not allergic to any shampoos or face wash stuff. Get anti-allergic shampoo and leave out all the other shower stuff. Does wonders for your skin. Same goes for shaving. Get yourself a beard trimmer instead.

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