Benefits of Pure Slim 1000

The Pure Slim 1000 Diet program is truly amazing because it’s simple, effective, and proven to work according to

If you stick to this way of eating (it’s a lifestyle not a diet) then your body will burn fat and you don’t even need to exercise. It’s amazing what diet alone can do to your  body composition. Combine this with working out and you will see amazing results relatively fast.

Pure Slim 1000 Recipes

Most people think that burning fat/losing weight is a matter of calories in/out, but this theory is overly simplistic, flawed and doesn’t take into account HOW fat is metabolized in the body. Most people think that eating saturated fat makes one fat, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Carbohydrate (which are really just sugar/glucose) will mess with your insulin and cause your body to store fat. Eliminating sugar should be your #1 goal (alcohol = sugar too, sorry).

Next up you should look to slowly reduce the amount of carbohydrate you ingest each day, from everywhere. Be careful as carbs are hidden in almost all processed foods. Ideally you want to eat less than 100g a day. Eat less than 50g a day and you will aggressively lose weight.

The problem that most people have is that their bodies run off carbs/glucose for energy, but it’s more like they have a glucose addiction. So when they try to get off carbs they feel like shit, it’s basically a withdrawal symptom from getting off a drug. So yea it sucks for a week (or two) but afterwards your body will adjust and you will start burning fat for fuel, which the body prefers. Don’t listen to anyone that says otherwise, the fact is that fat is a more efficient fuel than glucose and the body uses it much better.

Example: eating a large meal of grass-fed bacon + organic eggs in the morning (with some select veggies + cheese if you can handle dairy). Eating a large meal like this in the morning is like throwing a huge log onto a fire (large amounts of fat to be used as fuel by your body) as opposed to eating a bowl of cereal+milk, or toast/sandwich or some other carb-y meal, which does nothing for your body and you end up being hungry an hour or two later. I can eat breakfast and have at times gone up to 5-6pm without feeling the need to eat again.

So what happens when the body doesn’t need glucose anymore for fuel? It burns its own body fat reserves for energy. This is what you want.

Three Phase Diet To Success

When reducing carbs if you start to feel like crap then increase the amount of fat that you eat. I love this diet because I can still eat delicious meals: all types of meat, bacon, eggs + cheese. This keeps me happy even if I do miss wheat/flour/rice/grain sometimes. These foods are not as nutritious as some would like to have you believe (usually glucose addicts or people trying to sell you processed crap). Also stay away from fruit if you want to burn fat. If you crave fruits or dessert then go for some berries topped with double cream, but otherwise steer clear.

Once you have reached your ideal weight/bodyfat% then increase the amount of fat you eat, and you can look at SLOWLY reintroducing some complex carbs. Careful though because it’s very easy to get back on the carb bandwagon. Make sure to check out Pure Slim 1000 today. It is truly one of the most amazing diet programs on the market.

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