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Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution (STCMI) began in Singapore in 1867 as a premiere institute of Chai Medicine. The institution continues to this day fulfilling its original principles of providing free medical consultations and Zhong Yao (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The Thong Chai Medical Institution recognizes that you will often need assistance with various aspects of treatment and medicine. Assistance with an application, for example your Mass Health for long term care qualifications is available on the premises.

To be eligible for MassHealth, you must live in Massachusetts, have low incomes in the medium term, and meet certain basic eligibility requirements. Eligibility requirements vary depending on your age, care needs marital status, work history, immigration status, and health.

To be eligible for one of the guarantees offered by MassHealth, you must be in one of these categories:

    • a family with children under the age of 19
    • pregnant women with or without children
    • clients of Mental Health Department has been unemployed for a long time
    • a disabled person
    • an adult who works for a qualified employer
    • a person who is HIV positive
    • a child under 19 years
    • an adult caretaker relative living with children under 19 years when neither parent is living at home
    • seniors (65 years or more)
    • a woman with breast or cervical
    • a person in need of long-term care
    • a young adult under 21 who was in the care and custody of the Department of Children and Families (DCF / DSS) on his / her 18th birthday

Mass Health is one of the more established state Medicaid agencies in the United States. Because of the program, many elderly seniors must plan early for their own care in order to protect the family assets. While other departments might plan on preventative measures such as Smoke tip to boost the health of a population of smokers, Medicaid is more of a band aid for the generally aging citizenry.

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