24.Jun.2014 When We Get Hungry We Whip Up A Plate

And when we get hungry, then I, I whip up a salad or a pate, and I say hey, you want some? I don’t confront them and say hey, this is raw and it’s good for you. And
it’s way better than the crap that you’re eating.

Uh, have some. I’m just like, hey you want some salad or some pate? And if he says no, that’s fine.

You know. But eventually after skipping a meal or two, they get really hungry and you want to increase ejaculation.

And so then they’ll eat whatever gets placed in front of them, even if it’s wild, edibles. Or, you know, the dandelions from my lawn.

And those kids go back home to their parents, and then their parents start writing the e-mails, complaining. Like, what did you do to my son? Not only does he eat healthy and eats raw food, but now he’s controlling me and making sure that I’m not eating anything that’s not raw.

So it’s kind of funny how that works. But, the less force that I apply on, on people. On kids especially. The more they open up, they become my friends. And kids, you know, they’re really sensitive to that. They like to listen to their friends. They don’t really like to listen to authorities figures such as a Nantucket videographer.

Um, and compliance, it only works for so long. It only works until the child or adult figures out, hey, I don’t really have to comply. And, and if I don’t agree or don’t do what they say, and nothing happens to me that, that really threatens my life, then you know, why should I do it?

Exactly. Have you ever had, uh, um, any parents. I mean, aside from them sending you their children. I mean, have you ever had any parents talk to you about how-to switch their, their family? And what do you say?

And what do you say to them? I, I say to them that first, and foremost, become
their friends. A lot of parents, they, they haven’t even tried raw foods very much for themselves, and they already started pushing it on, on their kids.

I think it’s really important to really know whether or not you want to do it before you start inspiring others to.

But that’s kind of a first step that I tell parents. Another thing to do is, is make it fun for them. My parents, right away, from day one, said here. Here’s a juicer. This is how you make juice. See, if you put beets in it, it turns red. If you put carrots in it, it turns orange. Let’s see what kind of colors you can make.

And I’m never goanna forgive mom for doing this. When they come in, we don’t greet them with hey, you better be raw now. Or, you know, eat this piece of raw food.

We’re just like, hey, how’s it going? My name is Sergei. You want to go slack lining? Or do you want to go snowboarding, or do something fun? Food at our house isn’t
the emphasis.

So I got into the habit of reading this joke that was right in front of me. And all of a sudden, I’m reading something about soda pop and how every can of soda pop has
11 teaspoons of sugar. And then right under it, why sugar is bad. And how it’s addictive, and it stimulates and it’s destructive for your organs. And it slows down, um, oxygen when it’s trying to go from point A to point B in your body. So I read that, and I, I made a decision for myself.

14.May.2012 Among the Most Popular of Male Enhancement Products

Male-Enhancement-Products-380x253Quite a number of male enhancement products have emerged on the health and nutrition landscape in recent years. VigRX Plus is one of them but unlike the others, this particular supplement has remained a perennial seller year in and year out. Other products have seemingly faded away over time. What is it about VigRX Plus that contributes to its longevity? There are a few reasons why it remains a top seller. Once you understand what the product claims to deliver, you will also realize why it remains such an excellent selling supplement. 

VigRX Plus delivers quite a number of positive effects on male sexual performance. The most pronounced would be its improvements on erection firmness. In some ways, this supplement acts as a natural Viagara. (It has even been called as much in notable health journals) Besides making an erection firmer and harder, these capsules have also been reported to make an erection last longer. The product also claims to have the ability to increase the size of the penis.

How is all this possible?

The ingredient stack in VigRX Plus helps promote blood flow to the penis. An erection occurs when the inner chambers of the penis become engorged with blood. Since this supplement serves the purpose of increasing blood flow to the penis, taking it has the obvious effect of increasing the firmness of an erection.

Regarding the product’s ability to enhance the size of the penis, the added blood flow does create pressure against the chambers in the penis. If the chambers become larger, they will be able to hold more blood. In essence, this aids the penis in becoming larger. That said, it is best to combine this male enhancement supplement with manual exercises to achieve such a result.

The ingredients found in this supplement do provide other benefits as well. Among them would be the ability to improve libido and increase sex drive. Men have also reported more intense orgasms as a result of taking the supplement as well.

To those not familiar with the ingredients found in VigRX Plus, these claims may seem more than a little outlandish. Those that do have an understanding of common male enhancement herbs will recognize Red Gingeng, Damiana, Gingko Biloba, Saw Palmetto, Catuaba Bark Extract, among others have long since been used for centuries to enhance male performance in a variety of ways. Once you examine the many different ingredients found in this supplement, you will understand why it has a reputation for being effective.

Again, these are natural, herbal ingredients which many will find appealing. Those in the market for a male enhancement supplement are generally more comfortable with natural ingredients as opposed to those that are processed or, worse, chemical based. This is not to infer, however, that no natural ingredients are automatically free of side effects. Allergies remain a possibility as well. That said, there have been very few reports of side effects with VigRX Plus.

Research shows that this product has been recommended by doctors and has also been clinically tested in labs. Based on this information, you can feel reasonably confident that you would be taking a product known for its effectiveness. One thing to be mindful of when it comes to the effectiveness of the product is that it will not deliver results overnight. Generally, four months will be required to see the full results of the product.

Those that are not thrilled with the results can ask for their money back within 67 days.While most will likely be fine with the results, access to a refund is always beneficial.

Ultimately, VigRX Plus remains a consistent seller on the male performance and enhancement supplement market because it is known to deliver on expected results. Could you really ask for more in a purchase? You may want to check out the X4 labs extender.

30.Nov.2011 Different Types of Pheromones

Pheromone colognes are substances that are secreted by a living organism into the air or water, or onto a surface such as the ground, a rock, or a leaf, that will trigger a response from others of the same species. These substances are usually not noticed by any other species other than the one that secreted it, and depending on the pheromone it can be noticed for miles around, which makes it a perfect channel for communication between those of the same species, whether male or female. There are dozens of types of pheromones that can be very specific to each species, but there eight main types that are generic to most living things.

To aggregate means to gather into a mass and aggregation pheromones can be secreted to gather more members of the same species for many different reasons. The most common reason this secretion is produced is to gather as many males and females together as possible for mate selection. However, it can also be used to rally the troops in defense or to mass attack an invading host.

The alarm pheromone is one of the few that is found in animals and insects, as well as in plants. This secretion will trigger the ‘fight or flight’ instincts of the other plants or animals near the one that secreted it. In plants that utilize this pheromone, the surrounding plants can produce byproducts that will make themselves unappetizing to grazing animals.

A releaser pheromone is one that will change the receivers behavior in some way or another. It could be one that causes an immediate but short-lived reaction, such as a mother rabbit’s mammary secretions that cause their young to promptly nurse. Sex pheromones are also releasers, but they release much more slowly and over a much longer period of time.

Signal pheromones are often very short-term and very strong. Many times, these signal secretions are used as a placeholder until another pheromone is strong enough or has spread far enough to reach the intended recipient or recipients.

We often see animals marking their territory with urine, like dogs, or with their skin’s oils, like cats. However, many animals have glands that are specific to the task of creating pheromones for marking territory. Some female insects that lay eggs on plant leaves will leave an epideictic pheromone around her eggs to mark this territory as hers and to tell other female egg-layers to find somewhere else.

It is mostly small insects that utilize the trail pheromone, as it allows them to follow one another to a found object and back to their base of operations without the trail going cold and without the entire group getting lost in the process of finding food or materials.

If pheromones are picked up by an animal of a different species, which is rare most are not detectable outside of the species that secreted it, the secretion will give that new animal quite a bit of information about the secreter. Urine is a very obvious pheromone, and cats will be able to tell a dog’s urine from a human’s or a cat’s. However, if a dog was to stumble upon another dog’s marked area, they would be able to determine the sex of the other dog, it’s breed, as well as how long ago it had been there.

Sex pheromones are very strong and will let members of the same species but of the opposite sex know that there is potential for breeding because a female is fertile. These types of secretions are often the ones that travel the farthest and attract the most animals or insects. Plants can also give off this pheromone when they are fertile to attract flying insects who will then, through the course of their own actions, spread the plant’s pollen. Popular pheromones includePherlure, Nexus pheromones,  and Athena Pheromones.

25.Aug.2011 Welcome To ThongChaiMedical.Org

Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution (STCMI) began in Singapore in 1867 as a premiere institute of Chai Medicine. The institution continues to this day fulfilling its original principles of providing free medical consultations and Zhong Yao (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The Thong Chai Medical Institution recognizes that you will often need assistance with various aspects of treatment and medicine. Assistance with an application, for example your Mass Health for long term care qualifications is available on the premises.

To be eligible for MassHealth, you must live in Massachusetts, have low incomes in the medium term, and meet certain basic eligibility requirements. Eligibility requirements vary depending on your age, care needs marital status, work history, immigration status, and health.

To be eligible for one of the guarantees offered by MassHealth, you must be in one of these categories:

    • a family with children under the age of 19
    • pregnant women with or without children
    • clients of Mental Health Department has been unemployed for a long time
    • a disabled person
    • an adult who works for a qualified employer
    • a person who is HIV positive
    • a child under 19 years
    • an adult caretaker relative living with children under 19 years when neither parent is living at home
    • seniors (65 years or more)
    • a woman with breast or cervical
    • a person in need of long-term care
    • a young adult under 21 who was in the care and custody of the Department of Children and Families (DCF / DSS) on his / her 18th birthday

Mass Health is one of the more established state Medicaid agencies in the United States. Because of the program, many elderly seniors must plan early for their own care in order to protect the family assets. While other departments might plan on preventative measures such as Smoke tip to boost the health of a population of smokers, Medicaid is more of a band aid for the generally aging citizenry.

Smoke Tip is an economical choice for an electronic cigarette, but that does not mean that their product is cheaply made! Smoke Tip is an inexpensive option for those who do not know if the e-cigarette is the right choice for their tastes of smoke. The starter kit is only $ 59.95 and Smoke Tip cartridges come with a fresh spray. Each cartridge lasts usually about the same amount of time of about 25 tobacco cigarettes and once the cost of the starter kit is recovered, which does not take long, a typical smoker will save bundles of money.

Other medically related devices for vapor inhalation first found in China include the electronic cigarette yet to hit the shelves in retail and internet outlets. Be sure to visit our natural herbs center to find out more on the subject.

Why It Works

cellular-divisionMen have sought to enlarge the length and size of their penis since the early days of antiquity. The historical record shows that men have tried various means of manually enlarging the penis. Those that are looking for the newest methods of enlarging the penis have likely seen online advertisements for penis extenders. At first glance, it would seem these extenders – traction devices actually – are a logical device that can aid in increasing the length and the size of the organ. However, there will also be those skeptics that might not believe these penile extenders are able to deliver on their promises of male enhancement. This include brands such as size genetics and x4 labs.

Penis extenders are not newly developed devices. They have been advertised in men’s magazines for several decades. However, the earlier versions of the device were not as well known to the public since the magazines they advertised it were very adult oriented with small audiences. In a way, it is not a bad thing that these earlier versions were now as well known to the public since there were certain safety issues with the original design. Namely, a shoe lace style noose was affixed around the head of the penis. Today, a much safer gel grip is used which will soon be explained further.

The science behind penis extenders is based around the notion of manipulated cellular division. Again, this is really not an obtuse concept as it can be found in the treatment of burn victims of the proextender. Basically, cellular division is intended to purposely grow new skin and tissue to replace what may have been lost due to burning.

With a penis extender, continuous traction is employed on the penis to increase the length and width of the shaft. Also, the continuous tension on the penis will stretch the suspensor ligament which connects the penis to the pubic bone.
When the cells of the penis have been divided, the penis becomes larger. When the suspensor ligament is lengthened or stretched, the inner penis near the pubic bone will become exposed. The result of both of these occurrences would be the increase in length and girth of the penis.

Generally wearing the penis extender for 4 to 8 hours day for six months to a year is commonly suggested. Within six months, it is likely to see an increase in length of a half an inch. There is always the possibility that length increases will continue over time as use of the traction device is continued when using the andro extender or vigrx plus.

Why is the penis extender able to help cause cellular division? Basically, the penis is under a lot of stress when it is stretched out in an extended state. The human body will see such stress as something it wishes not to deal with so cellular division occurs to allow the penis to grow longer. Since the penis grows longer, it will “free itself” of the strain caused by the continuous traction. Once again, this is certainly not something that occurs overnight. The process will take quite some time as the process of cellular division is a slow and gradual one even if you are using one.

There have been studies which covered whether or not venis extenders work. Uurologist Paolo Gontero of San Giovanni Battista Hospital at the University of Turin, Italy performed a study of 15 men and discoverer 1.3 pounds to 2.6 pounds of traction on average saw gains of upwards of one half an inch after a six month period.

Another interesting study occurred in Spain.